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About The United Nations University Scholarships For International Students 2020/2021 Updated

The United Nations (UN), with its headquarters situated in New York City,  is an intergovernmental organization in charge for maintaining international peace and developing friendly relations among nations, achieving international cooperation, and being a center for harmonizing the actions of nations.

United Nations scholarships are rendered to international students, by the  United Nations for study or research purposes. These are also called as financial aid and many times the financial aid office of the United Nations deals with it.

The UNU’s Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS) offers an MSc degree program and a PhD degree program to produce scholars who will become key researchers in the field of sustainability science. The Japan Foundation offers the UNU Scholarship for outstanding applicants from developing countries who can demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

Masters Scholarships

The Master of Science in Sustainability programme is a two-year programme, which provides students with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to contribute to solving challenges of sustainability. Drawing on an innovative, interdisciplinary approach, the programme integrates methods and resources from the natural and social sciences, as well as the humanities.

Acceptability Criteria:

The programme is intended for recent graduates, professionals and practitioners who seek to meaningfully contribute to the work of governments, civil society, the private sector, and/or the UN and other international organizations in the area of sustainability.


The programme starts in September, and by July of the second year students must complete the course requirements, obtaining at least 30 credits. Students can select courses from those offered by UNU-IAS, while also enjoying the opportunity to take courses at other leading universities in Japan such as the University of Tokyo, Sophia University, International Christian University, and Yokohama National University.


The Masters Degree Scholarships provided through Japan Foundation for UNU (JFUNU):

The JFUNU scholarship provides a monthly allowance of 120,000 JPY for living expenses for a maximum of 24 months. However, travel costs to and from Japan, visa handling fees, and health/accident insurance costs must be covered by the student. The tuition fees are fully waived for the scholarship recipients.
*The amount of monthly allowance has been changed to 120,000 JPY effective.

Acceptability Criteria:

    1. Applicants must be persons from developing countries* who can demonstrate a need for financial assistance
    2. Applicants who are currently living in Japan under a working visa are NOT eligible for the scholarship
  1. Applicants who want to pursue a second master’s degree at UNU-IAS are not eligible for the scholarship.


PhD Scholarship:

The PhD programme in Sustainability Science is a three-year programme that aims to produce scholars who will become key researchers in the field of sustainability science. The programme takes an innovative approach to sustainability, seeking to promote a better understanding of the issues by incorporating global change perspectives, specifically those related to climate change and biodiversity.


Programme Timeline:

The programme starts in September, and by July of their third year students are expected to complete all of the course requirements, obtaining at least 14 credits. Students can select courses from those offered by UNU-IAS, while also enjoying the opportunity to take courses at other leading universities in Japan such as the University of Tokyo, Sophia University, and International Christian University.




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  1. I need master of MBA for free scholorship. I am in east Africa Somalia.
    Please contact me: +252615178302

    • I personally appreciate this opportunity provided by United Nations but at times; it can be a bit difficult for us from Liberia, West Africa to benefit. Hope this will not be the case. I am interested in doing a Master’s program in Criminal Investigation

  2. Legese simon kanbata

    Msc in botanical science
    from Ethiopia

  3. Limbu Magelela MASUKE

    How can i apply?

  4. I am very happy to see this great opportunity on this social media. I am very interested in studying Agriculture because bit is the bed rock for develop countries. Moreover it help with the employment rate of a country. It also causes self sufficiency and stop hunger.

  5. How can get this Opportunity?

  6. I’m interested in this scholarship please help

  7. I’m interested in this scholarship please help me, I need ur help please

  8. Juma Jackson Lasu Lemi.

    Dear Sir/Madam, l am very happy to write to you at this very time, I am Juma Jackson Lasu Lemi, South Sudanese national and a registered refugee in Uganda, I am 37 years old and I am bachelor degree holder obtained from one of the famous Universities in Uganda. Now with the current competition in the world, I am happy to take this opportunity to apply for the United Nations University scholarship and I believe, I am fitting to this opportunity.

  9. Izidu Adesuwa Success

    Please am interested to study abroad

  10. Am a ugandan male 29yrs old and single
    with a high school certificate ..bit always looking for away to further my studies

  11. I would love to apply please, help.

  12. Washington S. Fombah

    I am really interested to increase and strengthening my capacity, and to meaningfully contribute to my country and the UN family.

  13. This is a great opportunity for all….how do we get to apply

  14. Good morning. I m a high school graduate. Is there any way for accepting me at this level?

  15. Izidu Adesuwa Success

    Am interested

  16. I’m Highly favoured with this.

  17. hi i am kassahun gebru from Ethiopia i have BSc degree by geology filed of study i need to improve my self at foreign educational level

  18. Yalem Tesfay Gebreabzgi

    I am very intersting to get this chance.l have BA degree in history. Thank you.

  19. Yalem tesfay gebreabzgi

    I am very intersting to ge this chance.thank you


    my name is ayana tilahun from Ethiopia,i have been graduated in field of Environmental health with CGPA 3.79 and so i need to study any masters program in public health

  21. Droma Justine Onoma

    Am so grateful to have linked with you

  22. I also need to upper grade in medical laboratory technology

  23. Iam interesting to join PhD scholarships

  24. Im interested

  25. Machot Kon Gabriel

    I am a South Sudanese by Nationality and interested to do my master degree environmental science

  26. Machot Kon Gabriel

    I am a South Sudanese by Nationality and interested to do my master on environmental science

  27. Am glad for this opportunity, and thank the United Nations to help the children of the world


    I am deeply interested to this Program, which is surely gping to make positive impact on my carreer

  29. I am interested in the PhD program.

  30. Hello ! I’m Eddy Bukeyeneza. I have finished my university studies in 2010. So, I need to continue my studies and doing Masters and PhD if possible.
    Then, I would like to apply now and to ask the scholarship support.
    Thank you !

  31. I’m Joseph Wheigar a Liberian living in Liberia. I see This as an opportunity for me to forward my education journey.

  32. Christopher Dzinja

    Africa, my continent needs innovative approach to promote socio-economy sustanable use of natural resources inorder to deal with global issues and challenges.

    Due to climatic variations and climate change which affects global village, human resource can play a great role in mitigating the impact of of global issues and challenges and help ecological and biodiversity.

    My education and trainings have prepared me for this PhD program of Sustainable Science

  33. I need this free education

    • I have just completed my advanced level in Uganda and I request for a scholarship how should I apply

  34. I’m interested to learn PHD in GIS and RS and related field

  35. Your positive response will yield a huge response.

  36. Idrissa kemoh seisay

    I am fully interested in applying for this scholarship.

  37. Vert important

  38. Hello there how can I apply for masters scholarship.

  39. Remijo George Mtenga

    I have graduated a diploma in medical laboratory science,, I want to continue with Bachelors in that field due to my financial Status I stopped to continue with Bachelor of medical laboratory sciences. Your help I need

  40. Remijo George Mtenga

    I’m from the United Republic of Tanzania, I have a completed a diploma in medical laboratory.. My concern is to get degree of that field but my financial status is a problem, therefore I need your help!..

  41. I am deeply interested An hopping to be among the luckiest to have these scholarships

  42. Sâa Querquelin TEMESSADOUNO

    Waouh c’est vraiment une très bonne chose. Je suis diplômée en Lettres modernes et je veux apprendre l’anglais pour être apte à l’international mais je suis en manque de moyens et je cherche une opportunité comme celle ci pour profiter.

  43. I am very interested plz help me

  44. I really appreciate this opportunity.

  45. I pleased to apply this scholarship

  46. Dr abdirahman mahamed mahamud alas

    My name is Dr abdirahman mahamed mahamud,
    from somalia especially somaliland state, burao district.

    Iam veterinarian Doctor, also iwant joing master programms un.

  47. I want to study my MSc in Veterinary Microbiology.I have hot my BSc in Veterinary Laboratory Technology from Ambo University of Ethiopia.

  48. Mou chol akot deng

    Am interesting

  49. I want to study PHD in nutrition if available.

  50. Mohamed Mohamud Osman

    Hi, I am Civil engineer, I like to improve my knowledge
    I hope you will support me to get master degree.


  51. I will appreciate when I am accepted as one of your scholars.at any of your available institution of learning I am interested in the master degree program. I would prefer studying in election management and campaign or environmental science and conservation. I am a Liberian , a country that is situated in West Africa

  52. Je suis étudient a l’Université Ahmadou Bello de Daria. Deuxième à la faculté de sciences département de botanique. J’ ai fais ben langustique de six mois dans la même université. Je suis Nigérien étudiait au Niger de l’école primaire jusqu’à lycée. Je suis titulaire d’un Bac D. Mon tribu est Haoussa. Née à Zinder Birni en 1992. Ma mère s’appelle Hajia Rabi mon père Abdou Salamou Sarkinbeye décédé en 2007. Je postulé de cette opportunité de course je suis présentement a la maison à cause de manque de moyen financière.

  53. Aweis Muhidin Mohamed

    I would like UN scholarship programs especially for master degree

  54. I want scholaship, please add me

  55. Iwant to study in other country

  56. Mana Gebrrselassie Gebremichael

    I am interested in Business Adminstration Masters

  57. My name is Teklu Merga from developing country _ Ethiopia. I have masters degree in epidemiology. Currently i need to persue my PHD programme in related field.But i have financial problem to do this. Therefore please help me.


    Thanks for your update

  59. Am attempting to apply for this scholarship chance but consequently I don’t see any direct link which I may use to apply


    Hi, Dears? My name is ASSEFA TESHALE ALEMU and I was graduated my BSc degree in Biotechnology in 2011 at UNIVERSITY of GONDAR and my MSc degree in applied Entomology in 2017 at DEBRE MARKOE UNIVERSITY, Ethiopia. There fore I need to study Medical Entomology in PHD program in your institution since vectors born disease are currently major challenges in my country, Ethiopia as well as in my continent, Africa. So, if I got this chance I need and able to combat the challenges using scientific technics and making research on innervation areas.

  61. I’m a high school Graduate,a Liberian and am interested in the scholarship.

  62. First I greeted you and I was really happy to be studying abroad

  63. Dr abdirahman mahamed mahamud alas

    Iam veterinarian doctor, who gra.
    university of burao.

    Iam very interested to join UNUs.

  64. Am interested in pursuing a PhD program, kindly share with the list of PhD programs.
    Thank you

  65. I want to learn engineering for change our country for the future if Allah says

  66. My name is Joseph T. Jallah, I am 21yrs old and I’m from Liberia.
    I will really be grateful when given the opportunity to study on this scholarship.
    I just completed my secondary education with honor as the most disciplined student in my school.

    I have written series of entrances and I was successful in all of the entrances I wrote, but due the economy hardship my parents are going through at this present moment I will have to sit back at home until we can afford a tuition for my tertiary education.

    I will be the happiest man in the world when given the opportunity to further my studies through this scholarship.
    I have always dreamed of becoming a certified public health partitioner, I believe with this scholarship I will be able to bring my dreams to reality.

  67. Iam applicant for this chance to scholarship
    Iam one of the student who living developing country and I need

  68. Thanks for posting opportunity of such. I earned Bachelor of science in Public Health with concentration in Epidemiology.
    I am hopeful that this scholarship, master program include my name .

  69. Good opportunity

  70. My name is abdiwali I like to get eduction I live Africa special somalia

  71. I am interessting

  72. Kindly send me the programs with sponsorships

  73. Please help me to continue my education In PhD in Economics because I have Msc in Developmen Economici8s

  74. Please help me to continue my education

  75. I am interested to join this opportunity.

  76. How do you grant schoolarship?

  77. Mohamed faarax shire

    I need scholarship

  78. I need your support for the opportunity

  79. I am working in financial institution as a manager of banks.I apply this for the matter of highly demand of to attend my second degree i.e MBA ,I hope u will select me.

  80. If only if its workout

  81. I am a candidate for MBA and I need additional program in the field you give

  82. Please help me I Need Scholarship

  83. please help me I need scholarship

  84. Tilahun Shanko Balcha

    Thank you. But make clear if it is made the opportunity to get

  85. Great opportunity.

  86. This is a very nice opportunity…I really appreciate..
    But I have a question are these scholarship only offered to postgraduate ..how about undergraduates??.

  87. I have LL.B degree, BA in philosophy, BA In Public Administration and Development managment and finally LL. M MASTERS degree.
    I wish will be your
    With hughest regard

  88. I am intrrested in masters scholarship

  89. I am a medical doctor from Nigeria with fellowship degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology. I am interested in doing masters degree in assisted reproduction which is a medical subspecialty.

  90. I have bachlor degree in mechanical engineering.

  91. Show me all the steps.

  92. I will wish to have this great opportunity to have an offer from these great institution,to study master course. I will all so happen if this credible institution offer me scholarship to study.

  93. Hi .
    My is phel Madol ,I’m from South Sudan/Juba I’m interesting to study there , so how can you help me.

  94. Hello good morning, my name is Muhammed baldeh for Gambia West Africa beside am interested to study to university under children food safety, am a grade 12 complete at bansang senior school .

  95. Egnuma Gudisa Ebisa

    I want to take my master for economics it is my great pleasure

  96. This is really a great help to developing countries
    May this help each us here in South Sudan

  97. Not master degree, I need to study university, about biology or environmental policies.
    Problem is what? I am refugee here Rwanda, I do not have any sponsorship.
    If you want to give me a opportunity to study I will be happy about.
    Thank you very much.

  98. My name is basiru sinyan a gambian seeworking with the gambia fire and rescue service. I had already completed my bachelor’s degree program at University of the in which I obtain cgpa of 3.27 point and I want to persu my masters program at world classic university in your country. I major management and minor human resources management.

  99. I want to learn abroad or Education!

  100. i would like to do a maters Degree related to disaster issues. i am currently doing an Honors degree in that field with the Catholic University of Zimbabwe and completing that programme in April 2021. may you please furnish me with the procedure to follow in order to enroll with your university.

  101. How can I apply as a student trying to obtain my bachelor’s degrees

  102. Thanks for your information

  103. Hello my name is kimenyi Mugabo Maurice am refugees in Nakivale base camp, I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration option Finance I would like to ask that about this scholarship if I can access it? I need your help because am in bad situation I can’t have any opportunity to continue my career but if God will I can.

    May Almighty God bless you so much.

  104. Please help me to continue my education in PhD in Economics fields because I have Msc in Development Economics

  105. I wanna by any social feild have BA degree by psychology from Hawasa yuniversity

  106. alemshet shewarega

    i would like to join this company i be graduate this year by business management

  107. Abdi nor ibrahim musse

    Hello sir/madam iam requesting agood education
    I need help my family is poor i need help All the leeders university united nation
    I request to accept my needing

  108. alemshet shewarega

    i would like to join this company i be graduate this year by business management ,

  109. Abraham Tegared Ayele

    I am a young physician working as a general practitioner at Ethiopia . I want to study abroad and serve my community.

  110. Chanda Mwango lubuli


  111. Fitsum Wudneh Kebede

    I want to get scholarship for Phd program

  112. Its good for to get un scholarship

  113. Am very interested to study masters in united nation university!

  114. I want to study Epidemiology

  115. I want to apply for this scholarship

  116. Lasu Morris Mathew

    I am Lasu Morris Mathew a South Sudanese by nationality, I had a Diploma in Public Administration and looking for feather studies, am currently leaving Uganda refugees camp.

  117. My name is Teklu Merga from Ethiopia. I have masters degree in epidemiology. Currently i am working in health organization.. I want to persue my PHD program but i am from poor country and family. Therefore i need premiership to start the phd program. Please help me.

  118. eager to learn and change myself‼

  119. Yadigba susan fofanah

    It good for future employment

  120. I have too interest to learn there please consider me because l have financial problems

  121. My name is shimoni kiwanuka from Uganda, l have just completed a master’s degree in refugee and migration studies and l’m looking for a scholarship to pursue a PhD in migration studies.

    A’m wondering whether there’s a possibility of getting such a wonderful opportunity. I have worked as an international volunteer in Bangladesh an the Gambia under people 4 change program and VSO respectively.

    Thanks for your kind support

  122. Dear all
    I am Student Master degree Hydraulic Engineering in Atlantic University Institute

    So I would like to know how I can benefit for this scholarship?

  123. International Economics

  124. Francisco Armando Chihale

    Good morning.
    Thank you very much for the opportunity. I feel this an very and great chance for our people.

  125. Powerful! Hope you keep the good works going

  126. I am somali live in laascano
    Agratulated in secindary school
    My family is rural people

  127. Endalu Tesfaye Gutata

    I am a health professional currently.

  128. I want to be part of the university


  130. I like much to study Master in orthopaedic surgery

  131. Bsc program applicant

  132. Emmanuel Y. Geedeh

    I will love to be part the program

  133. Bsc program applicant, I am a Liberian, presently in Greenville, Sinoe County, Republic of Liberia

    I will be very much Happy if selected as one of the benefiary of this great opportunity afforded us as citizens.

  134. I love to work with UN and really appreciate for UN schoolarship , I will like to hear from you very to accept my application

  135. Emmanuel Nyawayleh

    I’m Emmanuel Nyawayleh from West Africa Liberia..
    I’m interested in studying at the united Nations university..

  136. Hy my name is tuyishime japhet I’m from Rwanda
    I want schorships so as to develop my knowledge
    In masters of accounting as professional
    Thank you

  137. Bsc in civil Engineering

  138. Ngurinzira Theogene

    Good people needs good people

  139. I am interested to join within your university

  140. I am midwifery

  141. Good apportunity

  142. Faathima Abdiaziz Mohamed

    That is very importan to United Nations University so awant o study in master digree if allaah say insha alh

  143. I am Wandyaka Jessey from Uganda with adegree In procurement and logistics Management and certificate in Building and construction and persuing adiploma in Civil Engineering in my final year waiting for graduation

  144. I wish to apply for this scholarship to study nursing

  145. Pls show tell me How I really use this chance

  146. Apply for MSC psychology

  147. I am so exciting to apply this scholarship.

  148. tewoledbirhan geberhiwot

    This program i need you

  149. Statecs

  150. Am interested in studying degree in public health

  151. My name is Gemeda Oljira Sego, I am from Ethiopia, I have Masters of Business Admnistration (MBA) and also I have MSc in Accounting and finance, there fore please give me the opportunity to learn PHD by one of my above fields of study, if your University give me full founded scholarship, thank you for your positive response, if it is your intrest you can contact me by the Adress of What’sapp number 0917812795, my phone number is also 0917812795, my email Adress is gemedaoljira2019@gmai.

  152. Do u have a scholarship for bachlor degree in culinary management program

  153. Hi my name is melkamu binchamo from ethiopia,I have BSc by civil engineering

  154. I need your help to give me this opportunity

  155. I will kindly appreciate this scholarship of I am selected for this great opportunity.

  156. Thank for this great opportunity .

  157. Am a South Sudanese national with BSc. Degree I’m Public Health. Am so motivated to hear of this message. May I know if am eligible as well. Thank you

  158. OK true

  159. I am interested

  160. Mulatu Gebremariam

    Please think of me in your kingdom!i am longing to study my PHD for the passed three years.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

  161. Hello

    I am very interested in education. If you give it to me, I would like to study and achieve it internationally

  162. Need to explain on my what’s apps

  163. My what’s apps number is +25775787713

  164. Abdullah moaned Abdi

    I thanks to united state of America
    For providing this appirtunity
    Thank you very much.
    Please contact me by email

  165. My name Kiir Monyjok Chol Kun
    I’m from South Sudan
    Living in juba capital city of South Sudan
    At hai referendum area
    I completed my bachelor degree of computer science and Information Technology
    My specialist database management system
    Am very interesting to go an study in Japan
    So you can contact me with my numbers if there is any opportunity.
    My contact details are here +211914257501/+211929122287

  166. I’m by name Tito Matik Ruai from South sudan and am very much interesting to study abroad for scholarship and I’m currently in sudan as refugees and i complete my grade 12 which secondary, i like to study in university but i don’t have power to study it because of situation and if you have take me to on going scholarship i will be much glad to you.
    Here is my email:tito.matik.ruai17@gmail.com or contact me through my phone number +249906644929
    And thanks

  167. Am a ugandan who can like to utilize that opportunity.

  168. Christopher Toe Sapla

    II am Christopher T. Sapla a Liberian born on February 11 1980. I earned a BBA degree from the University of Liberia. Presently, I am an Auditor at the General Auditing Commission of the Republic of Liberia. I would like to take advantage of the Masters ldegree program

  169. Hello, my name s kaddy Sanyang from Gambia, I am interested

  170. I am interested for the scholarship if you give the opportunity I will due the best

  171. I want to know the total cost a student will spend each year while in Japan. Is working While studying allow?

  172. Am a Zambian holding a BSc degree in Education (Physics and Chemistry), a Bachelors Degree in Human Resources and Development and a Diploma in Science Education. I wish to apply for a masters degree program in Science Education and Sustainable development.

  173. I am shitu from Ethiopia. I have master degree in mathematics and now I am lecturer at Gambella university.if I have a chance, don’t hesitate to conact me@+251933183012

  174. I went to learn Masters Scholarships in hydraulic and water resource engineering in unite nation university

  175. how i get these scholar ships?

  176. Amooti Joshua Bahemuka

    Am in Uganda can am I eligible for the chance provided?

  177. Ajang Mayen Deng lual

    Am applying for Bachelor degree in economics.
    Am a south Sudanese who leaves juba, south Sudan.


    Ajang Mayen Deng lual

  178. It’s good

  179. Kindly help me,I need this scholarship in MSC health program

  180. I would like to forward my education in U.S.A, if such an opportunity is granted to me. I thanks you all for giving me this opportunity to express my indebted feeling.

  181. I here ready to inroll free educational unated nations university

  182. I want to study PhD at your University!

  183. I eagerly interested to the scholarships and thank you for your offer

  184. IAM looking for Master Degree in international relations which is my best course.
    Hence, I would be grateful, if your administration could consider my application

  185. Good day i am a guinea national this program is very interesant but the problem is that we the under developed countries students

    are not admited if they is a way for us to participate. please tell me.

  186. I prefer to apply in this university.

  187. Bruk Bayleyegn Biresaw

    I appreciate your attention for developing countries literacy rate

  188. Kindly send more information on Bsc degrees

  189. Dear Mr/Mrs

    My Name is Nor Jama Ali, living in Somali with this telephone +252-616460630
    I would like to this opportunity of United nations University. Your positive feedback is highly appreciated
    Best regards

  190. I do have MSc in sustainable energy and want to pursue PHD in related field.Can I be eligible to your full scholarship program? Please be free to notify me.

  191. My name is GNANOU Oumarou ,sincerely yours , I Ask toi register a your university so as to keep my studies . Thanks a lot.

  192. My name is GNANOU Oumarou, sincerely yours, I Ask to register a your university so as to keep my studies. Thanks a lot.

  193. Computer science and technology

  194. My name is GNANOU Oumarou, sincerely yours , I Ask to register a your university in first year IUPUI Undergraduate Scholarships 2021/2022 for International students-USA so as to keep my studies. Thanks a lot.

  195. My name is GNANOU Oumarou, sincerely yours , I Ask to register a your university the Québec Canada Scholarships for International students so as to keep my studies. Thanks a lot.

  196. am much interested please in master program

  197. I am Ainebyoona Agidio from Uganda and would gladly accept the scholarship. Thanks for the good heart

  198. I want to have MSC

  199. I’m very interesting to study by that scholarship

  200. Abdirahman Mo'allim Abshir Adam

    I’m Somalia man leaving Mogadishu it could be nice to see this opportunity to have appreciated for all authorities because of this suitably for everyone therefore I’m waiting for your response if possible.
    So that I’m going to respect this
    Thanks so much indeed

  201. Qali Hassan sh Hussein

    Masters degree in health science particularly midwifery

  202. My name is Hamse Abdi from somalia i did nit get an opportunitiy to increase level of my education now I expect from you to give me this scholoraship

  203. David imbali shikote

    A good and timely initiation

  204. I wish to apply for Nursing course. I had equally wished to get a scholarship study someday. II ‘m so happy that this opportunity is coming my way. I should be very grateful if my application is been considered

  205. I would love to apply for the United Nations Scholarships

  206. I m interesting to learn MSC in USA

  207. Foday Mohamed koroma

    I am interested for the scholarship if you give me the opportunity I will due the best

  208. I am Ethiopian and I need to participate in the chance of scholarship in Msc program

  209. I am Adisu Cholo Alanbo from Ethiopia and I am Economically poorest in my Country,And I have B A degree in Sociology and Social Anthropology and Masters degree in Development management and Now I interested to learn PHD in Economics or Doctorate in Business Administration or Doctorate in Accounting and Finance.So please Support me by Processing VISA and other details.
    Here’s my address
    Thanks for your help

  210. Thanks ever so much for such programs, I am really interested and willing to be a part of said opportunity which will enable me to give back to my country and the world at large.

  211. my name is elias abebe i am from ethiopia i have bachelor degree in midwifery . i want to apply scholarships of master degree in health related fields

  212. Please consider me for the Masters programme. I have a degree in geography and physical education.

  213. I would like to be one bof those students

  214. Any undergraduate medical scholarships available ?

  215. I Want to learn My Master’s in Economics. I have BA Degree in Accounting and MBA.
    Thank You!

  216. Ebasa Amente Sanbe

    Dear scholarship selecting commite,
    I’m Ebasa Amente ,new graduate from school of Medicine here in Ethiopia and I want to persue my master’s program in public health. Thank you in advance to take your time and consider my scholarship request.

  217. Am very interested and very appreciated

  218. Its good for other to understand

    • Belachew Mamuye

      I am glad to see this type of opportunities on social media and to apply for scholarships abroad. I have BSC in public health officer from Ambo university and I am interested to study MSc in health informatics in your institutions.

      Best regards

      Belachew Mamuye

  219. Very interested I will like to have to tomorrow

  220. I would like to apply for the fully funded scholarship

  221. Mohamed Abdullahi Abdulle

    I am a student of social scene college especially International relationship and we want this program to be very important

  222. my name is Hayelom gebru and i am an ethiopian so,i need to take msc in your company .
    i have bachelor degree in information system now i am working in a governmental agency is called information network security agency

  223. * very interesting, God bless you for your good support! i graduated from Univeristy by water resource management and i want learn master,,,so contact me my phone 0968674736

  224. * very interesting scholarship of united Nations university I am from Ethiopia I graduated from mettu university by computer science Bsc ( first Degree) with so contact me my phone number 0960054576

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